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Meet the TechLeader – Roger Jones

Name: Roger Jones

Role and organisation: Executive General Manager Technology, Auckland Transport (AT)

Tell us briefly what your role involves:

I coordinate all activities related to the provision of assets involving technology. This includes the provision of technology into physical infrastructure such as bridges and buildings, as well as trains, busses, ferries and other customer-facing technology used by AT. It also involves researching and providing advice and guidance to AT and its Board on new innovations and technologies that may be relevant.

What impact will technology have for all New Zealanders?

Everything is now about providing choices to customers, based on accurate data. Data has to be a mix of historical and real time, made into useful information that people can rely on. People are more mobile, but also more demanding in terms of expectations on real time data, travel options and costs.

What set you on the path to becoming a leader?

I loved technology and the impact it could have on people. Leading teams that will make a real difference to our customers, and hence the city, is a fantastic and fun opportunity.

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned?

Take the time to really listen to what people are saying and watch what they are doing – look for the non-verbal signs and actions which can tell you so much more about people than their words can.

How do you motivate your team?

It’s easy to inspire a team that is delivering positive results as they really get motivated themselves. Providing the advice and guidance is all that is required, it is important to let them get on with their jobs. As a unit we operate very much as a team, we are aligned towards a known set of goals and deliverables, which helps as well. Working in an open office allows lots of interactions at all levels.

What inspires you?

The opportunity to make a real difference both for customers, and the city in which I live, and also for the way staff work, which creates the opportunity for the whole company to transform the city.

Favourite productivity tip?

Don’t delay – resolve everything as it occurs, whether that is email or problems don’t let them bank up.

Connect with Roger on LinkedIN.

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