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TechLeaders Executive

Meet the TechLeader – Matthew Wright

NAME: Matthew Wright

What impact will tech have for all New Zealanders?
We can make New Zealanders’ lives better through technology. We need to challenge the world using technology as a vehicle, particularly to support quality of life, sustainability and trade. If we don’t embrace technology, these opportunities will pass us by.

What set you on the path to becoming a leader?
I am passionate about enabling change across both industry and New Zealand. It’s exciting to be involved in an industry on the precipice of digital disruption. Logistics, shipping and supply chain management are set to be transformed in the same way retail and banking have been in recent years. I also enjoy doing my bit to showcase NZ Inc. by helping New Zealand exporters get products to market.

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned?
It is essential to embrace a lifelong journey of self-awareness, so you can look at yourself, learn and evolve. Also, as a leader it is essential to do what you say you are going to do. This shows your team that you value them.

How do you motivate your team?
I believe that if you put the right people in the right roles, you empower your team to make the best decisions themselves. Setting a genuinely audacious goal is pivotal; one that your team is proud of and believes in. You also need to be genuine and fully present in every interaction with your team. Problems are best solved by setting a challenge, broadly outlining the ideal outcome and then getting out of the way. To encourage creative thinking, everyone has to have their say.

What inspires you?
My favourite book, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius inspires me. So do my wife, my children and my parents. The enthusiasm of the next generation who simply aren’t prepared to maintain the status quo is also quite amazing to see.

Favourite productivity tip?
Take plenty of time to get clear on the big stuff. Then make sure the small, daily things you do are focussed on getting you there.

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