At the heart of our membership, TechLeaders share a passion for the opportunities that technology can bring to the New Zealand economy.  Together we work on influencing positive change through;


  • acceleration of digital skills in education
  • shared learning about digital transformation of people, businesses and the economy
  • government engagement to assist the development of critical tech knowledge to support the policy for a Digital Nation.


If you are interested in becoming a TechLeader, please contact us.

TechLeaders Executive membership provides:


Quarterly private member lunches for the TechLeader Executive group

Connection to the greater NZTech community.


Visible exposure as one of the country’s leaders in tech via NZTech’s advocacy work

Media positioning as spokesperson on a relevant tech issue.


Building knowledge and connections for the TechLeader Executives’ teams

Help national advancement by directing the organisation to make an impact on critical issues such as the changing nature of jobs, the importance of digital skills in education and the government’s understanding of tech opportunities.